Le Faubourg offers modern cuisine in an informal setting.

The restaurant Le Faubourg in Berlin stands for modern cuisine with French roots - modern French and casual chic.


Ernest Dizdarevic has taken the reins at Le Faubourg in the Dorint Kurfürstendamm Berlin. As the new head chef, he intends to preserve tried and tested classics and introduce more regionality and sustainability. So the concept will remain "modern French and casual chic" but the 35-year-old will bring his team back to the basics.



Spargelspezialitäten im Le Faubourg entdecken


The sommelier Nicolas Hopchet shares the kitchen’s philosophy, serving wines which are predominantly from Germany and France. Finding the right harmony and balance to accompany the dishes is of utmost importance. “Our wines suit the restaurant’s modern concept very well. Our guests can explore our wine list, make new discoveries and share in our passion. We don’t want to provoke anybody. Both the taste and the smell have to be harmonious. What’s most important is to enjoy drinking the wines. Wine creates experiences that we like to look back on.”


Our chef has a strong partner at his side: the patissier Raphael Gasque. The two share a similar sense of style and philosophy. “At Le Faubourg, we play with the tradition of French patisserie and modernity,” says Gasque. The focus is on fruity desserts, like for example a yoghurt ice cream with a lemon balm infusion and an iced bergamot ganache. Finding the right balance between sweet and sour is essential to Le Faubourg’s sweet course.


Andrea Sinner accompanies the guests in a very personable and professional way. The interaction between guests, waiters and chefs fascinates her. “I am a passionate host and I was born to work in the restaurant business,” she says. “I have always known that”.